Creators’ Update 01/03/2019

We’re still alive and kicking!

We’ve been hard at work on Episode 1 of Kalamity Jane for quite some time, and we’ve needed to keep our heads down to focus. But we have some good news!

We’ve officially completed the storyboards for Episode 1! What this means is that we or anyone else working on the episode can go panel by panel through the storyboards and understand every beat of the episode. It will inform our voice actors, it will inform James as he moves toward the animatic phase, and it helps me because I have new goodies to share with our fans.

Take a look below. You’ll see several panels from Act 2 and Act 3 of the episode! Notice how the Act 3 panels show an awful lot of stampeding Warhogs. What could this mean for our heroine?

Storyboards are often the hardest part of getting an episode of the show off the ground. There is a lot of brainstorming and a lot of revisions. This is where new characters are created, designed, revised, designed, and revised again. Modifications to the script come out of this process as we find holes or inconsistencies in the plot.

However! If you stick to it, and get your storyboards right, it makes every other step along the way that much easier.

Believe it or not we’ve started looking for voice actors, and once we have samples to show, watch this space, because this is where we’ll put them.

Thanks for sticking with us. Making a cartoon is hard work, but the finished product is going to be something very special. Every meeting we have, James and I keep getting more and more excited.

Thanks for being a fan!

As Kalamity would say, “There is no failure in Heroine. Wait, does that make sense?”

Act02 Storyboards

Act03 Storyboards

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